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Professional Filmmaking in La Crescenta, CA

Whether home-grown or producing films that are continents apart, our video assist professionals are here to provide a fully functioning, seamless, integration of video and filmmaking in La Crescenta, CA. Video Hawks offers rental equipment along with comprehensive support. We provide rental equipment along with seamlessly integrating top-notch video assistance services. Please contact, Dan Moore, the owner, for specific questions.

Filmmaking Experts

When you’re putting together a filmmaking crew, you want camera operators that have the skills necessary to meet your specific needs. Our video professionals are experienced in a variety of camera systems so that we can provide you with a broad array of services and equipment. We’re equipped to handle every aspect of the production process, from shooting to visual effects.

All of our video assistance services can be custom tailored to ensure your film is shot professionally and the final product comes out exactly how you envisioned. If you’d rather take control of the camera, we offer multi-camera system rentals, allowing you to capture every detail.

Post-Production Services

After filming, it’s time to start putting the pieces together. Rely on our digital film editing team to help you tell your story. We’re experienced in crafting even the most complex, non-linear narratives. Our professionals can assist you in constructing a comprehensible plot.

When you’re ready to release your film to the public, we provide you with the motion picture industry support you require. We understand the difficulties aspiring filmmakers face in today’s market. Pushing your project to theaters is vital to its success. You can count on our support throughout the process.

About Us

Filmmaking and on-site video editing production have shifted more and more towards the digital world, and Video Hawks was established to meet this growing demand for digital film assistance. Our top-of-the-line engineers take great pride in meeting the precise needs of directors and production teams alike. We see through the camera operator's lens and do all we can to produce the best work possible. We employ current, state-of-the-art technology that is backed by exhaustive industry experience, allowing us to provide our clients with the finest hardware and software for their video integration and video assistance needs. Reach out to us today to get the best possible filmmaking equipment and fully responsive production.Our Gear and Capabilities

  • Full DC Capability
  • 3/4 Color Packages
  • Audio Playback Systems
  • Variable Speed and Reverse Playback
  • Video Printers
  • Multi-Camera Systems
  • Color Video Assist Packages
  • Special Effects
  • Portable Generators
  • Video Transmitters

Contact us to talk to our filmmaking experts, and find the equipment for you. We’re based in La Crescenta, California, and work with filmmakers throughout the US and Canada.


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