Video Equipment Rentals

Start Telling Stories With Our Film Equipment Rental Services in La Crescenta, CA

Imagination is at the heart of film, but that spark of creative genius can’t go anywhere without the right technology to guide it and bring it to life. Video Hawks LLC is dedicated to helping every storyteller get their ideas off the ground by providing film equipment rental services in La Crescenta, CA. We’ve worked on thousands of commercials and over a hundred blockbusters, so you can trust that we have years of industry experience. Our experts bring the magic of Hollywood to you just as we’ve been doing for nearly 30 years. 

About Our Equipment

We rent the best and most up-to-date technology, hardware, and software around to ensure your project is everything you want it to be. Our equipment comes from Sony, Panasonic, and other industry giants who are known for quality and dependability. Feel free to ask us any questions about the equipment we rent; we want you to be confident in its ability to serve you well.

Our equipment includes transmitters, printers, multi-camera system rentals, audio playback systems, portable generators, and more. If it’s used in film, chances are we have it. You can count on us for everything from animation to motion capture.

Video camera and film equipment rental services in La Crescenta, CA.

Combining Technology and Motion Picture Industry Support

Video Hawks LLC is your source for both equipment and all related tech support, made available in a nice and affordable package. We work with directors and production teams to offer full video assistance. After all, technology doesn’t do you much good if you don’t know how to use it, and there may be some jobs you’d prefer to outsource to experienced professionals.

One of the most common video assistance needs is special effects. We have a skilled visual effects editor on staff that is happy to create effects for you and perform off-screen editing. With our expertise and equipment, you don’t have to be a bigwig, billionaire, or a film school graduate to tell your story through the lens of a camera. Instead, you enjoy the capabilities of film technology without having to own it.

Contact us to talk about your project and find the equipment for you. We’re based in La Crescenta, California, and work with filmmakers throughout the US and Canada.